Class Clown

Every class has a clown, and everyone has their favorite joke.

Tanner Merricks, Daniel Hendricks, and David Oakes, all freshmen said, “One of us is the class clown each day; it just depends on what mood we are in. The reason David is sometimes the clown is because he is simply an idiot.”

True Stanley, freshman said, “I think I am the class clown because I make people laugh in all of my classes. I don’t have a favorite joke, I just fall.”

Ms. Veronica Correa, Spanish teacher, said, “In my third block I think either Micah Robertson, freshman, or Zae Edmund, sophomore, are the class clowns. They’re always cracking jokes and dancing around class.”

Coach Neil Clarridge, guidance counselor,  said, “Three Seventeen [Caleb Oakes] is probably the biggest clown on the football team because he is just that big, and I’m sticking to that answer.”

Harper Jones, senior said, “Tyriq Calloway or myself are the biggest clowns on the football team. Tyriq constantly keeps the whole team bugging; he kept us laughing when we lost a game and on the way home. Our favorite joke of his is “‘Preston ain’t got no neck.””

Ms. Jordan Dallas, math teacher, said, “In my first block, I think Tanner Merricks is the class clown. He is always making at least half of the class laugh at all times.”

Andrew Coles, freshman said, “In my journalism class I think Mallorie Burton is definitely the most outspoken, funny person in our class.”

Mallorie Burton, senior said, “In my first block I think Tyriq is the class clown. He is always trying to say something to get every body’s attention.”

Lauren King, junior said, “In my second block, I would that Zy’keith Carter is the class clown. He is always making a joke.”