Favorite Classes

CHS students often have a favorite class that is the highlight of their day.

Graham Dalton Jr., said, “Virginia US History because it’s what interests me;  advanced algebra trig, also; the class is fun, and we do a lot of group work.”

Jacob Willis, senior, said, “I like word processing because it’s easy and fun. Physics its easy, and we do a lot of group work.”

Chase Trent Jr. said, “I like gym because we do physical activity, and we move around. ”

Taylor Bowen, sophomore, said, ” I like English because I like to read. ”

Laura Reeves, senior, said, “I like JROTC because we don’t sit in a classroom the whole time. ”

Brett Reynolds, senior, said,”I like anatomy because the teacher helps make the classroom fun.”

Sydney McAdams, senior, said, “I like word processing because I like to be on computers.”

Tayven Smith, freshman, said, “I like science class so I can learn more about science.”

Daniel Hyler, freshman, said, “I like band. It is ‘lit,’ and we make our own music.”

Haley Grace, freshman, said, “I like intro to animal systems because we talk about animals.”

Christen Lancaster, freshman, said, “I like PE because I enjoy playing sports.”

Emily Mullins Jr. said, “I like AP Lang because I like the classroom.”