JV Softball Looses But Team Played Well

The Junior Varsity Lady Cavs lost 12 to 2 to the Lady Wildcats April 11.

Despite their loss, they made great plays.

Emily Duncan, freshman, pitched five innings, hit a line drive to short stop, and made it to first base. When she rounded first to go to second, the short stop covered the base and Emily didn’t have room to get on second base, so she slid and hurt her ankle. Emily recovered during the game and continued as pitcher.

Trista Walker, freshman, played second, pitched two endings while Emily Duncan was briefly out from her injury. Trista hit a line drive back to the pitcher. She played a great game against a great team. She always has her teammates’ backs.

Amber Duncan, freshman, played short stop. She caught a line drive, hit in between short stop and left field. Amber got a girl out on second.

Abbey Owen, an 8th grader at CMS, played first base. Abbey is one of the best players on the team; she’s always happy, and she’s very strong. Abbey makes playing first back look like the easiest base you can play.

Kaitlynn Taylor, freshman, was catcher for Chatham JV softball last night. Kaitlynn is a hardworking girl.  Kaitlynn was like a wall last night; she has a really strong arm.