A “Real Man?”

The Urban Dictionary describes a real man as, “A real man is a man that contains a seemingly infinite amount of qualities which they desire, ranging from having money, to being affectionate, kind, good father, faithful, muscular, tall, dark, & handsome.” CHS students have their own opinions.

Daniel Rogers, gym teacher, said, “To be a real man is when you get hair on your chest and can take on responsibility.”

Mason Leftwich, freshman, said, “A real man is respectful, helpful, caring, and emotional with woman. Guys need to become mature at about 13 years old.”

Alyssa Riddle and Charity Wilson, freshmen, said, “A real man is loyal and wears pink.”

Harper Jones, senior, said, “A real man is someone who respects women. There is no certain age of when you need to be a man; just when the time comes, be ready. You don’t need money, it’s about personality and respectfulness.”

Garrett Bennett, sophomore, said, “Working hard and respecting all people are part of being a real man.”

Xavier Johnson, sophomore, said, “A real man will take care of his family, but you should be one at 13. Money doesn’t make you; your personality does.”

Kevin Kazmier, sophomore, said, “You need a deep voice to be a man, and you should become a man at 17. You don’t need money to be a man, but if you have money, it needs to be your own.”

Emily Wyatt, freshman, said, “Knowing how to take care of yourself is a big part of being a man. Also, you don’t need money. It’s all about what you do, not what you have. At 18 you need to be a man and start taking responsibilities.”

Lauren King, junior, said, “A real man means to take responsibilities and to not make excuses for every little thing. Guys need to be a man by the end of their teen years.”

Ethan Dunevant, senior, said, “Real men take on responsibility by 21.”

Coleman Daniel, freshman, said, “To have a job that you work at least five days a week and to pay your bills is a real man. It doesn’t matter when you become a man as long as it’s sometime.”