Funny, Pointless Stories

The students at Chatham High School shared funny, pointless stories that never fail to make them crack up on a bad day.

“When I was seven, I went to a drive-through zoo. An ostrich stuck his head in our car to get some food out of our bucket. I freaked out and rolled the window up on its neck, and almost cut his head off,” shared Daniel Hyler, freshman.

“I was standing on a stump and decided to do a back flip off of it, and landed right on my face,” said Hunter Furr, junior.

“So this story actually happened a few weeks ago. I was playing video games, and my mom came in my room to collect my laundry basket. I yelled for her to come back .and when she did I said, ‘Make me a sandmich.’ Next thing I know there was an Urban dictionary flying at me,” said Tayven Smith, freshman.

“I was eating lunch one day, and this freshman, Ben, walked up to me and tried to interview me for a school appropriate story. Then I told him this story. So I broke the fourth wall,” said Jeremy Sloane, senior.

“When I was eight, I got a hairbrush stuck in my long hair and had to chop [my hair] off to get [the brush] out,” said Judith Guillen, freshman.

“Once I accidentally wore hot pink underwear with white pants. I didn’t even realize it. I was just going along with my daily routine, and I just looked down and noticed it. Thank God I was wearing a long shirt that day so I don’t think anyone else noticed it,” said Jennifer Hernandez, senior.

“When I was younger, my sister asked if she could cut my hair, but I said, “No.” So, she bribed me with sweets. Well, she cut it very short and very uneven. I thought it was just going to grow back like in movies… Nope. It didn’t do that. My mom then had to cut it shorter so it would be even. It was short for a really long time, and I didn’t like it. That’s why I probably won’t ever cut it short again… I’m traumatized,” shared Marissa Neal, freshman.

“A funny story? I thought I’d be good at AP history,” said Kailey Neal, junior.

“Once, I made a bowl of cereal, and I went to put the milk back into the fridge, but I got distracted and put it in the oven instead. After that my brother asked for milk, but I forgot I put it in the oven. We searched for it for like twenty minutes,” said Haley Grace, freshman.

“When I was younger, I used to have a goldfish. Well, once, my brother and I went to school, and my mom was busy, so my grandma was in charge of taking care of it. She wanted to clean the tank, but instead of using the net we purchased to remove the fish with, she stabbed it with a fork,” shared Cadence Williams, freshman.

“I was walking out of church, and no one told me there was a step so I proceeded to trip and fall on it… And that’s the story of how I fell out of church,” said Aniya Owens, freshman.

“I was eating a strange fruit in the cafeteria, and I dropped it. I tried to save it, but it fell on the floor,” shared Harper Jones, senior.