Weird Moments at Work

Weird moments happen at work no matter what age you are; keep working anyway.

“I work at Mayflower. The only reason I work at such a young age is because I pay my own bills. Advice for working; if you work with older people it can be hard to deal with at some times but just remember you will be okay,” said Natalee Francis, junior.

“Meeting Mallorie Burton has to be the weirdest experience of my job,” said Mrs. Sandra Whitehead, guidance registrar. “I think children under 15-years-old are not responsible enough to work.”

“My job at the Arc of South side has a lot of weird moments. A student tried to assault me, an earthquake happened, and a student tried to run away from school. It is very important to learn responsibility, team work, and self sufficiency. My advice is always get to work early, listen to your supervisor, and do your best,” said Mr. Torrance Patterson, paraprofessional.

“For me, a weird moment at work was when a student wanted to throw a computer monitor but thankfully stopped. I think it is great for ages 14 or more to start working; it creates pride, money management, and responsibility. Own a good bike, good lights, good helmet, and tire lights; that will be so fun to ride to work on,” said Mr. J.L Clayton, teacher.

“The weirdest thing that happened to me at work was when I hit a snake with the lawnmower. I like working, it shows I am able to work and buy my own things. When wanting to work at a young age, find something you actually want to do and could see yourself doing,” said Kamden Lewis, junior.

“I find it weird when working at, Comfort Inn, people just come up to me in a towel. My advice is to just keep trying and keep up with your grades,” said Kearstyn Bowden, junior.

“One day while at work, I was pranked by some teachers. They got my room key and planted fake spiders all around my room. I work at both Gretna and Chatham, but I technically work at Virginia College advising corps. I am a fan of young people working. I feel some people get handing so many things so they never know how money or responsibility actually works. In order to be successful working at a young age you must know high management, find a job to be reasonable with your school schedule,” said Mrs. Morgan Tyree, college advisor.