Track Meet @ Altavista

The Chatham High School track teem competed April 19 at Altavista under cold weather conditions. Players were allowed to wear warmer clothes over their uniforms.

The boys placed third overall out of four teams, which consisted of Chatham, Altavista, Dan River, and Nelson.

Peyton McCoy, sophomore, won the triple jump and long jump by jumping over all of the competition.

Brett Reynolds, senior,  won the 800m dash while Carter Boon, freshman,  places second. Brett also placed third in the one mile.

Caleb Wright, sophomore, won the two mile, running a regional qualifying time of 11:13.

Nick Mitchell, senior, placed second in the discus throwing, while Jacob Willis, senior,  placed third.

The 4 x 800 team, consisting of Caleb Wright, Ethan Dunevant, senior, Carter Boon, and Brett Reynolds, placed second in the meet.

The 4 x 100 half-ton team placed third, which consisted of Caden Spaulding, junior, Ben Burton, senior, Caleb Oakes, sophomore, and Nick Mitchell, senior.

Ethan Dunevant placed 4th in the 400 and Caleb Oakes placed fifth in the shotput.

The girls placed second out of the same four teams.

Caroline Broomell, junior, won the two mile race.

Mallorie Burton, senior, won the 200m dash.

Keslee Hylton, sophomore,  won the shotput, while Bre Price, senior, placed second.

The 4 x 400 team placed first, which consisted of Macy Calhoun, freshman, Kristen Rogers, freshman, Emerson Scollo, junior, and Rachel Bolling, senior.

Emerson Scollo got second in the discus throw, while Keslee Hylton got third. Emerson was also second in the long jump and fourth in the 400m.

Rachel Bolling was second in the 400m and Brianna Salas, junior, was second in the 800m.

The 4 x 800 relay team, of Summer Carlsen, senior; Sydney McAdams, senior; Mayghan Presley, sophomore; and Macy Calhoun placed second.

Makailla Davis, sophomore, got third in the 800m and Sydney McBride, sophomore, got fourth.