Big Talk: Unique belief or opinion?

Week seven of Big Talk. 

What is a unique belief or opinion you have?

Unique, as defined by the question, could be offensive to some or out of the ordinary.

Eleventh grader Brandy Callahan, said, “Ted and Robin [from How I Met Your Mother] should have ended up together because they were soulmates; always found their way back together. I have always believed this since he stole a blue French horn for her; he never stopped loving her. She’s not just one of them, she’s the one.”

Billy Reeves, custodian said, “I believe everyone who wants to go to heaven goes. I always have believed in God; even if I don’t go to church as much as I should. The world would be a better place if everyone believed.”

Ky Withrow, senior said, “I don’t believe in God. I’ve personally never been given a reason, and I much more believe in science, although I do believe the two can co-exist for some people. I’ve believed this for as long as I can remember. As a kid my mom tried to take me to church. I just wasn’t into it.”

Cole Campsey ninth grader, said, “The wall is a good idea to keep out illegals; illegal immigrants are already breaking one law so they will go on to do more crimes, like not pay taxes.”

Alexis Adkins, freshman said, “I think video games are real. I draw them all the time, and people say I have an over-addiction; but I tell them I don’t complain about they like. Video games are something I’ve always been interested in. With fantasy you can use your imagination, and it takes you to a whole different place. I’ve always believed this and it stuck with me.”

Ethan Stewart, junior said, “Mr. Walker is the single greatest teacher in CHS history. If you’ve been in his classroom, you’ll know how great he is. He’s so amazing because he has converted us to his cult. The first week of eleventh grade, I was terrified of him; but then the second week he comes into class with a white horse and a mechanical dog that barked, and it was amazing. That is when I realized Mr. Walker is pretty cool.”

George Clark, ninth grader said, “If you are biologically a male you should not be using the female restroom, even if he gets surgery. I believe people who are transgender need to get help to accept themselves as they are.”

Eleventh grader, Sallie Chaney said, “I’m a Satanist. I’m in the modern one where you don’t like worship Satan because it admits God’s real. It’s basically you are your own God. It’s not vanity; it’s you’re in control of most of your life rather than a higher being in charge of it. There’s nothing vicious or no underlying motive it’s just believing in yourself and growing into your own leader; not like drink purple Kool-Aid. I grew up in the Bible Belt until I hit puberty. I started to realize there’s a lot of hypocrisy; it built up. I had doubts, and then I fell in love with a girl; I got a lot of hate for that from mentors and people I looked up to, but that wasn’t it. I needed to find something for me. I studied several religions to see which one I most identified with. I found satanism online; it’s the only religion that says don’t harm children or animals for no reason. I read the satanic bible; it’s all based on around 12 guidelines which are our basic human primal needs. That’s why I like it because there’s no magic, and it’s okay to feel primal things; everyone does. It’s all about respect.”

Tenth grader, Tristian Lee Wilson said, “I believe gun laws won’t solve much because people who break the law aren’t going to follow stricter laws. Every time someone gets shot and they put more restrictions but it doesn’t do anything. I think they need to go after drug cartels.”

Everyone has the right to their opinions  and beliefs; it makes the world more interesting.