Stress and Teens

Stress levels in teenagers are continually rising.

“The stress of students in school exceeds that of the level of stress adults experience, according to a survey conducted in 2014 by The American Psychological Association. The survey also showed that many teens report feeling overwhelmed, sad, and depressed due to stress. One-third of the teens report feeling tired and fatigued, and another quarter report skipping meals due to the stress.”

According to an article on titled Coping With School Stress, “The majority of teen stress occurs in school. Teens over-schedule themselves by taking too many honors or Advanced Placement classes in high school, plus after school activities like clubs or sports. On top of that, many teens struggle to manage time between sports, school, and a job.”

:Another source of the stress teens feel can come from home. With stress from school, pressure from parents to succeed and do better can make this stress even worse. Parents rushing their teens to fill out scholarships and applications adds to the stress and can overwhelm these students. College admissions are stressful even without the pressure from peers and parents” said Webmd.

Students at Chatham High School weighed in on the following:

  • Do you feel more stress when in school than you do outside of school?
  • Do you think that parents pushing for success and for you to do better puts more stress on you?
  • If you have a job, does it add more stress to you with school?
  • Do you think teachers being stressed adds more stress to students?
  • Compared to your parents, do you think you have been more stressed than they are?

“I feel stressed all the time, so I don’t know if school stresses me more or not. I think mom questioning me on my schedule and trying to tell me what classes to take is stressful, but I typically get things done on my own. Teachers being stressed does add stress to students whether through more work or bad mood. Mom probably gave me some of her stress when she came home from work. She is definitely more stressed out than I am,” said sophomore Carissa Sandridge.

Samantha Shumaker, sophomore, “In school I feel a little more stressed than outside of school. Being pushed to do better by my parents, even though I am trying, is stressful. For me, working is a way to calm down; well, at least until the boss man is all mad for whatever reason. Teachers being stressed does stress the students, because they don’t hide it and it’s a sign the day won’t be good in that class. For me and my parents, I’d say the stress level is pretty equal normally.”

“Overall, I definitely feel more stressed with and at school. I don’t really have an issue with pushy parents; they trust me take care of my own stuff. I strongly agree that teachers being stressed adds more stress to the students. My mom is finishing her master’s degree, so I feel that she is definitely carrying the heavier burden of stress on her shoulders,” said Dylan Sparks, senior.

Kailey Neal, junior, “I feel more stressed outside of school because I’m thinking about school, and that I could be doing work instead of texting people. I think my dad does put more stress on me, but it’s for my benefit because I procrastinate a lot. A job does add more stress, and I think people forget school is gonna get you more money than a job. Teachers being stressed does put extra stress on students. I think I’m more stressed than my dad, but he helps me out and reminds me there are other things down the road.”

Students who are very stressed should seek help from counselors, friends, and trusted adults for ways to cope.