JV Lady Cavs Lose to Lady Bengals

The Junior Varsity Lady Cavs lost 10 to 9 to Lady Bengals on April18.

Despite their loss, they made great plays. They never gave up; everyone picked themselves right back up.

Mary Augusta, “Gussie”, freshman, plays center field; made amazing plays. She’s always ready to play. Gussie is a lefty, but she throws with her right hand. She is very competitive in softball. At practice she works hard to achieve her goals in softball. Gussie is the fastest one on JV softball. She hits left handed, and she loves to bunt or slap. Gussie played great last Wednesday.

Alyssa Terry, 8th grader, plays second practice. Alyssa is very funny because she often acts goofy to lighten the mood. She is a power hitter. Alyssa is always in a happy mood. She has been playing softball for a long time.

Carissa Carter, 8th grader, plays third. Carissa is amazing on third; she makes mistakes, but she never gives up. She makes batting look easy; she can hit that ball. Carissa isn’t scared of any ball coming toward her. She has an arm. Carissa is the second tallest on our team.  Carissa did great in this game; she took her time on every ball coming at her.