The “Perfect Body”

Women and girls have high expectations for themselves that often include  unrealistic, physical ideals of perfection for their faces and bodies.

CHS students are not immune to these pressures, but many had opinions about the problem.

Coleman Daniel, freshman, said, “Girls do have too much pressure to have perfect bodies because they’re scared of what other people say. They do not need to feel pressured because they shouldn’t care what other people think.”

Cori Ayers, freshman, said, “Girls do feel pressured because people are constantly judging, We shouldn’t care what others think, but we do anyway.”

Xavier Johnson, sophomore, said, “Girls feel pressured to have perfect bodies because they think they did the “perfect body” to get the perfect guy. You should not be ashamed, you don’t need to fix yourself for anybody.”

Blaine Adkerson, freshman, said, “Not all girls feel pressured I just choose to be. Girls feel pressured because people are so judgmental.”

Trista Walker and Katie Snead, freshmen, said, “All girls want to look like celebrities and that’s what some guys expect. If you don’t look a certain way people will bully you.”

Ethan Dunevant, senior, said, “Only some girls feel like they need to have perfect bodies because they put it on themselves and try to be better than other people. You changed your self that much.”

Mason Leftwich, freshman, said, “Girls don’t feel pressured about their bodies anymore because everybody is cooler about your image not mattering. It’s 2018, we’re different then we used to be.”

Laura King, junior, said, “There is too much pressure on girls, but necessarily sometimes girls put it on themselves. They want one guy and for that guy they think they need to be perfect, which is ridiculous.”