Modern Day Inspirations

CHS students and faculty get inspiration from various individuals everyday in life.

“People who inspire me are my mom or my grandmother. My mom has been through a lot and has worked hard which inspires me to try and achieve the things that I want to achieve in life. To inspire someone, you must be able to inspire those who don’t think they matter enough in the world,” said Lauren King, junior.

“My mom inspires me everyday. She feeds me, and buys me things when I don’t even ask. In order to inspire someone, you have to be kind,” said Callie Dahm, freshman.

“My sister inspires me to be better. She takes care of me so much. A person who wants to be inspirational; they have to be very helpful,” said Corie Ayers, freshman.

“The Lord is who inspires me. He helps me mentally, physically, and spiritually in ways that guide me throughout life properly. He helps me with all my problems,” said Tyreese Younger, senior.

“Allan Watts, a philosopher in the 60’s and 70’s, inspires me. He makes me want to enjoy life and all it has to offer. He gives a good view of the world and life; his perspective is amazing,” said Owen Goad, senior.

“My grandpa inspires me. The advice he gives me like when I do wrong; he corrects me. He is smart and wise,” said Manny Diez, senior.

“Bob Dylan inspires me. His lyrics are complex and the rhythm is simple, I try to live my life by the same combination. His perverseness, through the musical genre change through the decades,” said Mrs. Veronica Correa, Spanish teacher.