How Do You Start a Magical Connection?

Do you think winking and smiling are a way of getting noticed by a guy or girl?

Sherry-Mae McAllister, freshman said, “To attract attention, I am just myself; and I don’t worry about what they think. I flirt by laughing and smiling at them while having a conversation. The right way to be noticed is by just being you; don’t try to put yourself out there.”

Junior, Sarah Snead said, “To attract attention, I am myself, am kind, and I do their favorite things. I flirt by smiling a lot and make a lot of eye contact.”

Kaniyah Moore, junior said, “I get guys to notice me by my personality; I don’t flirt. I usually just walk up, say, ‘Hey’ and smile. Just keep doing you and be yourself.”

Shaniah Troy, senior said, “Smile and swing your hair. I flirt with my eyes, and if you’re cute I’ll talk to you. But just be yourself; most guys like when you are yourself.”

Hunter Dawson, senior said, “Just be yourself. I would smile at them and just say, ‘Hey.'”

Manuel Diaz, senior said, “Start a conversation or just say ‘Hey, how are you,’ and make eye contact.”

Senior, Jashaun Davis said,”Start a conversation and ask ‘What are your interests?’ and I show my dimples.”

Senior, Tyler Barely said, “Be yourself, make her laugh, pay for her dinner, buy her what she wants. Say, ‘Hey, and if she is interested then talk to her about it.”

Veronica Correa, Spanish teacher, said, “Honestly, I would just focus on myself ,and be the best version of myself. I don’t usually flirt, but in college I gave this guy a note with my name and number on it; we ended up dating for a while.”

Mrs. Lisa Powell, SPED, “Always act like a lady. Don’t act desperate and don’t dress too revealing. I haven’t flirted in a while; I think I forgot now.”