Big Talk…How Do You Best Connect with Others?

Week eight of Big Talk.

How do you best connect with other people?

Meaningful connections are what make life both bearable and wonderful.

Emille Jerread, sophomore, said, “I am usually just nice. I like to show kindness, and it usually works. I am most connected to my dad because he’s there when I need him, and he always has the best advice for me. Without him I wouldn’t have manners or respect because he taught me them.”

Blake Smith, freshman said, “I connect with people who have the same common interests as me. My best friend is who I’m most connected with; he’s made me better at my job.”

Mason Leftwich, freshman said, “I’m an open spirit; I could be friends with anyone. I’m most connected to my uncle. He’s made me a better person by his good life choices, and has been my mentor. He’s the reason I want to be in the army.”

Hunter Kendrick, senior said, “I am nice and friendly, and I try to get to know everyone before judging. My boss, Dr. Kay Geyer, is the most connected person to me. She’s always done a lot for me and has been there since day one. She’s very supportive in her own way. I do my best to work hard and make her proud.”

Alyssa Nelson, sophomore said, “By being myself. If the person doesn’t like me, I just move on and find another person and see if they have the same qualities as me. My best friend, Kiana, is most connected to me, because we laugh at the same things and have the same interests. We’ll look at each other and connect with the same thing. She’s always been my best friend, and I love her.”

John Scott, freshman said, “I connect with people who have common sense. My father and I are very connected because we both like cars, and they make the world go around. He’s made me a better person.”

Tristian Wilson, junior grader said, “Loyalty and respect are how I connect with people, and it starts with a handshake. I’m most connected with my cousin because we have lots of get-togethers and family stuff. Three of us cousins come to my house all the time; they’ve taught me about loyalty.”

Daniel Barbour, sophomore said, “Common interests bring us together. Aaron is most connected to me because we like food and talk about interesting things.”

All people make connections in different ways yet all have meaningful connections.