Lady Cavaliers Got Soccer Spirit

The Lady Cavaliers defeated the Lady Colonels 2-0 on April 27.

Blaine Adkerson, freshman, scored the first goal during a penalty kick. The kick was beautifully shot into the net.

With very few minutes remaining, MoMo Coles, senior, scored.

The Lady Cavs lost 2-1 against the Lady Governors on April 30. Elisabeth Hardy, junior, scored the only goal of the night.

On May 2, The Lady Cavs won 2-1 against the Lady Wildcats. The Lady Cavs hustled and the game was phenomenal. MoMo Coles and Blaine Adkerson added another goal to their stats for this season.

These girls never give up, no matter what.

The Lady Cavs soccer will host the Lady Raiders on May 9.

Senior night will be May 11 against the Lady Governors.