Summer Plans

The students at Chatham High School have many fun things planned for this summer.

“I am in a neck brace, and I was supposed to go to Ireland, California, Great Wolf Lodge, and the beach. I’m not now. In Ireland I was going to visit cites, and in Hollywood I was going to visit the Hollywood sign,” said Madison Houser, freshman.

The beach is a popular destination for this summer.

“My summer plans are to have fun and go to the beach,” said Tyler Barley, senior. “I think this summer will definitely be better than last summer.”

“This summer I’m going to Myrtle Beach for two weeks. There, I’m going to swim, and hang out with the family I don’t get to see that much. I’m also sleeping and playing video games,” said Ben Woodward, freshman.

“This summer I’m going to the beach, so I’m not really going anywhere special. ” said Jennie Furr, freshman.

A few are planning on finding jobs during the summer break, on top of other fun activities.

“I’m going to get a summer job. I’m also going to Myrtle beach. This summer will be better than last summer because I will actually have money,” said Joanna Barbour, senior.

“I’m going to be sleeping, getting a job, and going to JCOC. When I’m not there I’m just going to go to my boyfriend’s house to hang out,” said Katie Callands, freshman.

Some students are already planning for their dream vacation.

“My dream vacation is Paris, France. I would love to go to the Eiffel Tower and put something on there to show I was there,” shared Madison Houser.

“My dream vacation is to go to the Roman Empire and go site-seeing, ” said Joanna Barbour.

“My dream vacation is Russia. I’d like to go site-seeing everywhere there. My mother has been to Russia, and she’s done a lot of meaningful stuff there,” said Jennie Furr.

Many enjoy the idea of visiting a beach as their dream vacation.

“My dream vacation would be the Disney resort in Hawaii. I’d stay for at least two weeks. I’d like to eat exotic foods there and just hang out with people at the beach,” said Ben Woodward.

“My dream vacation is to go to Hawaii and go swimming while I’m there,” said Katie Callands.

“My dream vacation is to go to California and hang out at the beach,” said Tyler Barley.