Big Talk

Week nine of Big Talk.

What’s your best personality trait?

Many CHS students appreciate a sense of humor and view it as their best personality trait.

Tonie Isadroa, junior said, “Being funny would be my best personality trait. I learned to be funny at a young age because my whole family is hilarious. It has gotten me out of tough situations, like getting in trouble. I like funny people.”

Ninth grader, Mason Leftwich said, “I’m a really funny person. My best personality trait is when I’m trying to be funny and eat an apple. Every since I was a baby; I started to eat tiny apples. From five to 13 though, I went on an apple strike. A lot of people like me for it. I could be on Comedy Central. My favorite trait in other people is if they’re kind and funny; like they can be mediocre funny as long as they are nice.”

Blaine Akerson, ninth grader said, “My best trait is my humor; I was kind of born with it. It helps always cheer someone up when they’re sad, making their day better. Being happy or nice is my favorite trait in someone else.”

Manny Diez, senior said, “I’m a funny person; like, I came out being funny. It has helped me make new friends. My favorite trait in another person is being respectful.”

Zack Reagan, ninth grader said, “My humor is my best personality trait. I got it probably when I started hanging out with my friends; I got a better sense of humor. It has helped me get friends. My favorite trait about a person is if they’re funny.”

Other students appreciate a variety of skills and pursuits.

Dylan Burgess, tenth grader said, “My good taste in music is my best personality trait. I got it when I was a baby; it helps me make money. I also like very friendly people.”

Hunter Kendrick, senior said, “I get along with everyone. I’ve always been this way, it’s helped me make friends with people easily and have better connections. I care about people and being kind to others. I like when people get along.”

Christine Baumgardener, senior said, “I work well with animals. I’ve had this trait my whole life because I was raised with animals. It’s helped me with my job at the Chatham Animal Clinic, and I found a career I want to get into. My favorite trait in people is honesty. If they are honest, I know they will be a good person and friend to me.”

Ty Barksdale, junior said, “I am a caregiver. I knew when I saw someone with no lunch; I decided to give them my lunch. Helping others motivates me everyday. I like when people are the same way to others.”

Charles Busey, junior said, “I work well with friends. Ever since I met a really good friend of mine I knew this. We never argue; he is always there for me, and he sticks up for me. I realized he is the only person I need. He helps me deal with my anxiety and depression and feel better about it. My favorite trait in others is when people care and are nice.”

Kyle Griffith, senior said, “I’m traditional. I preserve history and do historical reenactments. I got this trait through my grandma. She exposed me to everything. I’ve made good connections with people who also enjoy history. My favorite trait in people is consideration. I like it when people are aware of their surroundings. For example, when people walk slowly, they aren’t aware of people who need to get somewhere quickly.”

Arianna Colon-Sifre, senior said, “I’m very optimistic. I’ve always been happy. I’ve made lots of friends, and I don’t get sad easily. A sense of humor is my favorite trait in people. The funnies make me smile, and I’m a happy person, so I like to smile. Ha ha ha.”

Tyler Barley, senior said, “I’m a lovable person. I’ve always been a lovable person; it’s always been there. I can make a person’s bad day better. I like it when people are chill and wild.”