Senior Fun Week

As the end of the year is coming in hot, seniors are ready to live it up for their final high school experiences.

“Myrtle Beach is going to be my week of fun. I’ll be shopping, eating, and swimming with my friends to celebrate my last year of being at CHS,” said Lakyah Walton.

“I will also be going to Myrtle Beach. My boyfriend, my friend, Amber, his brother, and his friends will be coming along. I will be tanning and swimming for the most part,” said Kiara Templeton.

In spite of the coming of age and beginning a new chapter in life, seniors refuse to let that stop them from having fun in the meantime.

“I’m going to Myrtle Beach and then working a bunch. My friends and I will be lit everyday and having a good ole time,” said Christian Giles.

“Senior Week is a tradition that has been dreaded by most parents for decades. It’s the annual migration of newly graduated, newly liberated, barely legal teens to the shore, where they party, plot, puke, hook up, scheme, swim, roam, inappropriate dance in foam and — for about 10 percent of them — get locked up for everything from underage drinking to drug possession to assault,” stated by Washington Post.

Colby Payne said, “It will be a long week of seeing Lynyrd Skynyrd, front row.”

Great ways to spend a relaxing or enjoyable senior week include: Pep rallies, group picnics, projects and pranks, etc.

“I’m going to the Outerbanks with my closest friends, Amber Longerbeam and Angela Dillard. We will most likely just tan and swim,” said Brianna Kirks.

“I am probably going to Myrtle Beach. I am not sure who I am going with quite yet, but if anything, I guess I’ll just go on my own. Definitely going to party, relax, and take time off from school work,” said Jacob Willis.