Favorite Vacation Destinations

Summer break is fast approaching, and a few Chatham High School students opened up about their favorite places to vacation.

JaMiya Guy, freshman, said, “Florida is my favorite place to vacation. I like going there because of the nice weather and the many attractions. Disney World, Sea World, and the beaches are a few of the activities Florida offers.”

Austin Deak, sophomore, said, “I like Texas. It [Texas] has good clothes stores and nice weather. You can enjoy good restaurants, fishing, and hog hunting.”

Katie Snead, freshman, said, “I like the Bahamas. It’s my favorite because of the scenery; it has clear water, and it is really pretty. You can enjoy swimming, eating, shopping, tanning, and basically just relaxing and enjoying it.”

Jacob Dalton, freshman, said, “I like the beach because I like the scenery. I swim, and I love playing in the waves.”

Makayla Barbour, freshman, said, “I love going to Marina Del Rey, California. I want to live here when I get older. The weather and scenery is nice. You can enjoy water skiing, parasailing, concerts, swimming, and much more fun stuff; and most of it deals with water.

There are many great places to vacation at and these are just a few where Chatham High School students enjoy vacationing.