Would You Turn Back Time?

If given the chance, several students at Chatham High School wouldn’t go back in time but would love to relive at least one memory.

Some students would love to have people that have passed away be present again.

“I would change when my grandfather died so he could live to see me graduate,” said Lakyah Walton, senior.

“I would change who I put my faith in because people will leave you once someone else comes along. I would love to relive last year when I went to King’s Dominion with the band.  I would love to bring back my great- grandmother because we were close, and she’s very sweet, ” said Sophie Parrish, freshman.

“I would go back five years, but I don’t know why, I just would. I would relive the time I got my Jeep. I would definitely bring back my brother, Phillip Wright, because I miss him a lot, said Andrew Coles, freshman.

Some would change decisions or actions that they made.

“I would change me not wrecking a four- wheeler because my knee wouldn’t be hurting, and I wouldn’t have to get surgery, said Coleman Daniel, freshman.

” I would change some of the friends I have made because they were unnecessary in my life, and they weren’t my friends. I want to relive the day that me and my Papa went to the lake because it was a great day, and he’s no longer here. My Papa is whom I would bring back because he was like my best friend and second father figure in my life, said Cerenity Runyon, freshman.

“I wouldn’t change anything because it made me who I am today. I would definitely relive a few times though like Christmas time 2012. I would replay the 2012 Christmas time I went to the mall in Durham. We were walking in the outside part and there was a fountain and fake snow falling. If I could bring someone back then it would be my mom and I’m not sure because my life would be totally different, and I know she’s happy in heaven,” said Kailey Neal, junior.

“I wouldn’t change anything because I would not be where I am now. I would replay the time when I busted my eye because it taught me a lot. If I had the chance to bring someone back I could not choose one. I would have to choose two because my best friend, Maggie, and my great-grandmother know somethings people don’t know, and they have helped me through a lot, “said Amber Duncan, freshman.

“I would not change anything because I’m okay, and I love the friends I have and my family. I would relive the time I went to the beach with my cousins and aunt. It was really fun. I don’t know who I would bring back if I could because this is a hard question,” said Emma Myers, freshman.

“I would not change anything but I would like to remember what happened when I broke my arm. I don’t have many dead relatives so I wouldn’t bring anyone back, ” said Ben Woodward, freshman.