Dorm Rooms

Some rising college students are already thinking about their dorm rooms.

They are eager to express themselves on the walls, hang out with friends, and of course, study with or without your roommate(s).

Dorm rooms are an exciting experience when you are away from your parents and get the opportunity to live how you want.

For girls, decorating is very exciting and fun, especially when it comes to decorating a room. When in college there isn’t much spare time so when rushing around panicking everything organized and in place is very helpful.

Organization is really important for every college student. Here are some ideas to help: If you use buckets and boxes to store your clothes, school supplies, and food, etc., life will be so much easier. Try to use all of the space you have in an organized way so your stuff will fit together and stay out of the way.

Life Hacks to use in your dorm room: Some dorms have a bathroom so if you do you can use these helpful tips. Each person using that bathroom should have a medium-sized box with their toothbrush, razor, shampoo, conditioner, etc. so he/she can keep his/her stuff in the same place and not mix it up with other roommates. If you use a public bathroom have your own personal caddie with all of your necessities. Inside the room you could buy command strips to hang banners, coats, towels, or even bags with food.

Hanging Out with friends in a dorm can be a challenge. Make sure to let everyone know where the trash goes so you aren’t cleaning up after every visit. Tell everyone to bring their own food or drinks so everyone has something they like and will enjoy. Try your very best to not let things get too out of hand.