Big Talk

Week ten of Big Talk.

What is worth dying for?

Ninth grader, Mason Leftwich was ambivalent about the possibility of dying for something, “I don’t know if I would die for anything. I think I haven’t found anyone or anything to die for yet.”

Some fellow students commented they would die for their furry friends.

Arianna Colon-Sifre, senior said, “My cats because they make me happy. They are good cuddles, and I would sell my soul for them.”

Emily Towler, senior said, “My cat because she’s precious. She’s probably reincarnated Jesus Christ and his second coming. She’s a tortoiseshell kitty.”

Topanga Wolf, tenth grader said, “Yea, I would die for my dog because I could not stand the thought of anything happening to her.”

Fewer classmates told replied they would die with for happiness.

Bobby Clayton, Tunstall sophomore said, “Happiness is worth dying for. I want to be loved no matter what situation by at least someone so I could pass knowing I meant something to someone.”

Corey Reynolds, junior said, “Happiness, because one would rather die happy than live miserable.”

The majority of students told us they would die for their family or various loved ones.

Alessa Nelson, sophomore said, “I’d die for everyone I care for because I love them.”

Hunter Kendrick, senior said, “I would die for my family. You only get one family, and you’ve got to cherish them.”

Brady Owens, junior said, “I would die for baseball because I’ve been playing since I was three.”

Taylor Bowen, a tenth grader said, “Yea, I would die for my family because you know you love them and want them to have a good life if you can’t.”

Colton Walker, junior said, “My family because you are supposed to do that for them.”

Joann Barbour, junior said, “I would die for my family and friends. For them I would do that because human life is precious.

Nick Adkins, ninth grader said, “Yes, my girlfriend, because she’s my everything.”

Tristen Lee Wilson, tenth grader, “I would do for some if they would gladly do for me. To put my life in danger in defense of things greater than myself; I would indeed risk it all for certain people if it meant their survival.”