Not over Yet

Be aware, CHS students, that with ISS full, anyone who gets in trouble is automatically suspended. This can be a problem for seniors looking forward to graduating in less than two weeks.

With the end of the school year fast approaching, students and staff are excited to be done with the school year, and enjoy the summer break until next school year begins.

Students are getting more and more chatty, and their tolerance for doing anything school related is decreasing as the days go by. Teachers, however, are more stressed than ever. With the end of the year files and reports and preparation for final exams and SOL tests, combined with students too summer-minded to want to learn, they have very little patience with students.


Students need to calm down and put their mind on finishing this school year strong. That means that students need to stop all the talking in classes and complaining about the work they are given, even if they are given work after their SOL tests. This work may be  a preparation for the next school year, or just to keep students busy while teachers get in grades and work on the paperwork that comes at the end of every year.

News flash: teachers are just as ready as students are for the summer break.

Students just need to remember that the school year still is not over, and that in less than two weeks, and then after that, they are free for the summer, while the teachers they are currently frustrating with their inattentiveness and complaining have to work after students are gone.