Favorite Movie Time!

CHS students and teachers share their current interests in new or old movies.

Movies over time have improved in quality and quantity so to have a favorite movie seems to be harder than it used to be.

“My favorite movie is National Lampoons. It reminds me of my childhood, and it was the funniest movie then. I am excited to see the Han Solo movie,” said Mr. Micheal Brown, Spanish teacher.

Pitch Perfect 1,2, and 3 seems like a good movie night to me. It is definitely my favorite. The charisma and the perspective of society is golden. I am ready to see Pitch Perfect 4 or any comedy movie,” said Lindsey Jennings, senior.

Before 1907, most movies were shown in traditional theaters or in carnivals. With the advent of movie theaters, the films became an attraction in themselves.

“I have a lot of favorites, such as: The Outlaw Josey Wales, Pale Rider, Macbeth, Caddyshack, Animal House. They are extremely great movies; I watch them over and over again so I am not really looking forward to any other movies,” said Mr. Neil Clarridge, coach and guidance adviser.

“The movie Catching Fire would have to be my favorite. I would love to play games like that. I am ready for Incredibles 2,” said Hunter Furr, junior.

Most movies theaters these days use digital video projectors. The technology is called DLP which means Digital Light Processing. Since modern films are projected digitally, movie studios don’t ship huge reels of films to the theaters anymore. Now, they just send the videos via the internet, satellite, or hard drive.

“The Royal Cannon Bomb is my favorite movie. It is funny and really artistic. I look forward to any independent or foreign films,” said Mrs. Veronica Correa, Spanish teacher.

“I love the Smurfs and Finding Dory. They are so funny and remind me of my childhood. I am excited to see Breaking In on Mother’s Day,” said Lakyah Walton, senior.

“Any Marvel movie is my favorite. I absolutely love them since I am a huge nerd. I look forward to the next Marvel movies, and the Han Solo movie,” said Lauren King, junior.

The speed of early filmed movies was pretty slow. For perspective, modern 35mm cameras film at 25 FPS. If you want your mind blown, some modern video games are now played at 250 FPS.

“I like any supernatural movies or romantic movies. I am a sappy person when it comes to romance, and I like unrealistic things, so any supernatural movie excites me. I am not sure what I want to see next,” said Kailey Neal, junior.

“I do not really have a favorite movie, but Shutter Island is pretty nice. I like how you never really know if what Leonardo DiCaprio says is real or if it was all in his head. I guess I would like to see Incredibles 2,” said Breanna Mell, junior.