End Of The Year Summary

Some students at Chatham High School reflected on their 2017-2018 school year.

“My school year was not how I expected it. There were both good things and bad things about it. My friends and classes went really well. My grades…,” shared Marissa Neal, freshman.

Some students stated they had a good school year.

“This school year has been pretty good. Having more freedom has made it better, and I have made more friends here than at other schools,” shared Amber Duncan, freshman.

“My 2017-2018 school year was great. I made new friends and was able to keep my priorities straight,” said Topanga Wolf, sophomore.

“It was all right for me,” shared Sierra Knick, freshman.

A few claim that their school year was not so good.

“It was stressful because we had a lot of work,” stated Aniya Owens, freshman.

“It has been okay. It has gone by very quickly and has been kind of stressful, especially with [exams and stuff] coming up,” said Joanna Barbour, senior.

“Mine was awful. It was filled with heartbreak and despair,” said Emily Jones, freshman.