Words of Wisdom.

Many Chatham High students decided to share a few words of wisdom regarding some advice for upcoming freshmen.

The eighth graders of Chatham Middle already toured the high school a few months ago and got a small feel for the school. That doesn’t prepare them for what the next four years of their lives will hold.

It is scientifically proven that no two people are the same, so everyone has or has had a different high school experiences. That means there is a lot of wisdom to go around as to the do’s and don’ts of your high school career.

Seniors have the most wisdom.

Manny Diaz, senior, said, “Don’t do something stupid like talk back to a teacher. Don’t get into fights. Pay attention [in class].”

Mallorie Walton, senior, said, “Definitely study. Do as many activities and clubs as you can. Continue to be happy no matter what.”

Eddie Collins, senior, said, “Do your homework, study hard, respect your teachers; don’t get expelled.”

Lakayah Walton, senior, said, “Don’t let anyone bring your confidence down. Stay focused and do your work. Keep a small circle, and mind your own business.”

Juniors come in second with having the best wisdom of navigating high school.

Lauren King, junior, said, “Enjoy your time here; don’t act like you own the school. Be mature. Don’t do drugs or drink in the school.”

Kailey Neal, junior, said, “Challenge yourself; watch your GPA. Try to stay out of trouble. Have good friends. Don’t walk slow.”

One sophomore shared some wisdom.

Tiria Fitzgerald, sophomore, said, “Mind your own business. Stay focused on your grades. Stop being ugly.”

Lastly, a few of the newest ones of Chatham shared what they have learned in one year.

Sean Hunt, freshman, said, “Don’t be nervous; just be yourself. Open up to new people to make new friends.”

Amber Duncan, freshman, said, “It is easier than it looks. Be careful with what you do and say.”

Andrew Coles, freshman, said, “Don’t be ratchet. Be humble and kind.”