Polyamorous Dating

In my youth group (seventh through twelfth grades) at church we like to have discussions among ourselves.

There are many pertinent topics, so we each write what we want to talk about on a piece of paper and throw it in a bucket. Our youth pastor chooses one, and we discuss it.

One of the topics we pulled out of the bucket this past Sunday, strangely, was polyamorous relationships.

Polyamory by definition basically is to want to be in a relationship with more than one person with all of the peoples’ consent in the relationship.

This type of relationship is not new; in the Old Testament of the Bible, it is mentioned. Recently, it has become popular on TV shows and movies How I Met Your Mother and Sister Wives.

Many teenagers think that it sounds great and exciting. I, on the other hand, would never do it.

In my opinion, you cannot be emotionally committed to more than one person. So, in that circumstance, the man or women you are with could not possibly be connected to all of you. That means he or she is not connected to you.

CHS students, unsurprisingly, were also intrigued by this topic.

Luke Clatterbuck, freshman, said, “I do not think being in a relationship with multiple people is okay. If you want to date multiple people, date one and then date another, not at the same time.”

Daniel Hyler and Tayven Smith, freshmen, joked, “We are in one together; we’re married, and we both have girlfriends. They are completely fine with it.”

Xavier Johnson, sophomore, said, “That is not okay, and I would never do that, but I do have some friends right now that are in that kind of relationship.”

Trista Walker, freshman, said, “The people in the relationship know about each other so it’s fine. I would do it myself just to try it out.”

Emily Duncan, freshman, said, “It is not okay because it would be weird, crazy, and awkward. Personally, I would never do it.”

Jonathan Myers, freshman, said, “Do what makes you happy; if that’s what you want to do, then do it. I would try it out to see if it would work. I have some friends that do it, and they’re happy.”