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Chatham High School’s year is coming to a end, and some students are ready to move up and some are not.

Caroline Brand, rising senior, said, “Yes, I’m ready to move up in life.”

Morgan Yeatts, rising senior, said, “Yes, because I’m ready to have senior experiences.”

Caroline Doss, rising sophomore, said, “Yes, because I’m ready to be done with foreign language.”

Tayven Smith, rising sophomore, said, “Yes, because I don’t want to be a freshman any more.”

Daniel Hyler, rising sophomore, said, ” Yes, I’m just ready.”

Joey Williams, rising junior, said, ” No, because I’m not ready for the classes I’m taking.”

Hunter Furr, rising senior, said, “Yes, I’m just ready to graduate.”

Katie Moore, rising sophomore, said, “Yes, so I can be done with foreign language.”