Last School Days

Chatham High School students are excited for the end of the year to finally arrive.

Take special note: Exams on Tuesday and Wednesday, and NOT for just juniors and underclassmen. This year, seniors DO NOT get out early for graduation practice; therefore, seniors who have exams in third or fourth block will have to be here on Wednesday as well as the other students.

Teachers are just as ready as students to get this year over with. Students still need to be on good behavior until the end has actually arrived, and they are off of school property.

Reminder to all seniors: Graduation practice is Fri., May 25, 2018. You MUST be at practice to be able to walk with your class into the graduation ceremony. Failure to be at practice will result in you not being able to walk at graduation without specific, advance permission from Mr. Randy Foster, principal. 

Students and teachers, try and  finish this year with smiles and thoughts of what you will do this summer. It has been a decent year thus far; make sure to finish it the same.