Junk Food: What’s Your Favorite?

Junk food. It is the fifth food group no one talks about. Students of CHS tell about their favorite guilty pleasures: junk food.

The dictionary definition of junk food is that it is “a food that has low nutritional value, typically produced in the form of packaged snacks needing little or no preparation.”

Tyler Barley, senior said, “My favorite snack would have to be brownies; they usually only cost a dollar. I probably eat up to one or two a day.”

Mallorie Walton, senior said, “I absolutely love cup noodles; they are my all time favorite snack> They are fairly cheap; it depends on how many¬†cups you get.”

The DailyMail.com states that “Eating burgers and fries can be as harmful as catching a life-threatening illness. Scientists at the University of Bonn discovered that junk food causes the immune system to go haywire, as if they were being attacked by a serious disease.”

Zae Edmonds, sophomore said, “I really like barbeque Pringles; they’re not too cheap; they’re about five dollars. I can eat maybe one can a day.”

Senior, Jennifer Hernandez said, “I am in love with pickles; I think a jar costs about two dollars, but I can eat about half of the jar.”

Senior Anthony White said, “I can eat a whole bag of barbeque chips; sometimes they cost only a dollar.”

Jeremy Chang, U.S Army Staff Sergeant said, “Cupcakes all the way; they cost about two to four dollars. I can eat a whole container for sure.”

Spanish teacher, Veronica Correa said, “It’s always been gummy bears. They’re only a dollar, which is great! I can eat an entire bag.”