When is violence the answer?

Public schools and individuals in our community have been involved in girl vs. guy fights.

Although society predominately teaches that men should never hit women, there may be circumstances where the person being attacked must protect himself.

“If a girl is nonstop hitting me, I would not hit her; but I would grab her to get her to stop. It is acceptable to fight if you feel threatened or are backed into a corner, and they will not leave you alone,” said Hunter Furr, junior.

“Male high school students are more likely than female students to be in a physical fight. Risk factors that predict violence by youth include substance abuse, conflict and abuse at home, harsh or inattentive parenting, antisocial and delinquent peers, and neighborhoods where crime and drug use are prevalent,” according to childtrends.org.

“It’s acceptable to retaliate if a guy/girl are really going at the other person to the point it becomes dangerous or deadly if not stopped. I never think it is acceptable in school to fight. I would tell an adult immediately,” LaKyah Walton, senior.

“Putting a large amount of energized, hormonal teenagers in one place, day after day, is going to open up opportunity for them to become angry and violent with one another. To help prevent fighting in schools, it is important to understand what to watch for,” says childtrends.org. “Teens who fight often put themselves at risk in many other ways. Such as using illegal drugs, binge drinking, carrying weapons, and possibly domestic violence.”

“If they hit you first then I think it is acceptable to hit back. It is not appropriate at school at all,” Kennedy Jones, sophomore.