The Final Big Talk: Love

We end this year with how individuals express their love to others in friendships and relationships, following with how they like love to be expressed to them.

Mallorie Burton, senior said, “I make sure they know that I’m always their shoulder to cry on; I always reassure them that I care and am there for them, and be the kindest I can. I express it pretty much the same way as a friendship except on another level of love. I like to have love expressed to me by loyalty and trueness.”

Emma Myers, ninth grader said, “I express my love by paying for things like movie tickets, buying them lunch, and getting them presents. In relationships, I tell them I love them, go on dates, and go on more dates. To have love expressed to me, just be nice; nothing special needed.”

Makayla Barbour, ninth grader said, “I’m there for them when they need me, I show sympathy, and I’m not being a back stabber. I express it by communication, show them I’m loyal like giving my passwords to them, holding hands and cuddling, and saying I love them. I like people to express love to me by saying ‘I love you’ and being loyal to me.”

Kyle Griffin, senior said, “I like to write letters to express love for friends. I like to keep it private like no PDA. I like people to express love to me by making sure to include me in things.”

Emily Towler, senior said, “I give them good support. I’m always there, talk every day, hang out some; spend lots of time together. I would force him to love me, hug him a lot, and squish his face. I like verbal conversation; I like people to say ‘I love you.'”

Andrew Coles, ninth grader said, “I express my love in friends by being there for them, not stabbing them in their back, not being fake. In a relationship, I’m affectionate to them, spoil them, and show loyalty. I expect them to be affectionate and loyal to me.”

Eddie Collins, senior said, “I don’t kill you and remember your name to express love. I’m everyone’s man, if you’re one of mine, I express my love by remembering your name and not bagging your face. To express love to me, simply don’t go away.”