Deodorant Causing Cancer?!

Could your deodorant cause cancer?

Scientists have suggested a possible connection between deodorant use and breast cancer.

Research shows that deodorant contains aluminum-based compounds. For most people, this product is applied daily to underarms and left on the skin to prevent unpleasant body odor.

The deodorant is soaked into the skin, and some ingredients may actually produce estrogen-like side-effects. Because estrogen can advance the growth of breast cancer cells, the aluminum compounds may be a factor in developing breast cancer.

“I use Dove deodorant; it does scare me a little to hear it may cause cancer, so I will have to do my research,” said history teacher, Ms. Rebecca Hodnett.

Several Chatham High teachers seemed skeptical upon hearing about the possible dangerous side-effects of deodorant.

Some had never heard of the risk. Mr. Zac Williams, science teacher has, and said,¬† “Natural deodorant is too expensive, and I’m willing to take the risk.”

Others are unwilling to take the risk.

Mrs. Janet Bishop, English teacher, said, “Because of my concerns about the aluminum in deodorant, I made the switch a year ago. Natural deodorants are very pricey, but so is cancer, so I switched once I found a product that worked. Native is my favorite brand. Some of my friends use Arm & Hammer, Schmidt’s, and Tom’s of Maine. I couldn’t stand those, but I really like Native. Nobody likes being around stinky people, so it’s important to find a product that actually does its job. There are recipes online that show people how to make their own. That may be cheaper. I’m also gradually making the switch to all natural lotions and soap.”

Would you consider switching to all natural deodorant?