All About Lunch

Over 30 million students eat school lunch everyday.

Many students find the lunches expensive, unvaried, and expensive. The lunches are $2.50. The reduced lunches cost varies from 25 cents to 55 cents. Some students get lunches for free.

For some Chatham High School students, the food is not the main attraction.

Aniya Owens, sophomore, said, “The only thing I like about lunch is that we finally get to socialize.”

“I don’t really like the meals, but I can talk to my friends,” said Hasmeet Kour, 10th grade.

“I like some of the food and can finally relax,” DeVon Williams, 12th grader.

To some, the price of meals is an issue. Recently, Pittsylvania County Schools announced that three elementary schools are now the recipients of a grant that provides breakfast and lunch for all students for free. Some wish that was available for all PCS students.

“I do believe all meals at school should be free, because some people can’t afford it”, said Owens.

Emma Myers, sophomore, agrees. “The meals should be free because we’re already required to be here.”

Although they think the meals should be free, students don’t eat it. “It’s definitely not the best”,¬† Owens said.

“I don’t eat it,” said Myers.

Some students can’t eat it because of dietary restrictions and allergies.

“Some cannot eat certain items because of their religion, allergies, or their own choice,” said Kour.

“I think there should be more options because some don’t have time to make their lunch in the mornings. Maybe not re-doing the entire lunch but a few accommodations wouldn’t hurt,” said Myers.

Some students do enjoy the school meals.

“I really enjoy the chicken wings with ranch dressing. I like the hamburgers, and the Bosco sticks (breadsticks with cheese in them); and I really like the salads: they are my favorite choice,” said Jalaysia Winslow, senior. “I love the baked potatoes with bacon, cheese, broccoli, brown sugar, and sour cream and butter.”

“I like the Buffalo chicken wings and the Bosco sticks. I also like the pizza crunches with sauce inside. I really like the baked potatoes with extra cheese, butter, and sour cream,” said Minnie White, senior. “The frozen peaches and strawberries are really good, too. For chips, I like the baked Cheetos.”

“I like the Mandarin orange chicken,” said Morgan Gay, sophomore. “I really like the Bosco sticks,¬† too.”

Breakfast is a highlight of the day for some.

“The little pancakes with syrup, and the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits are really good,” said White.

“I always get the brown sugar PopTart with orange juice,” said Winslow.

“I get strawberry, blueberry, or pineapple yogurt every day. I also get a juice,” said Sade Morrison, senior.