Jacksonville, Florida Gaming Event Mass Shooting

In case you missed it, there was a mass shooting this weekend in Jacksonville, FL.

A gamer, David Katz, lost a game and went on a rampage. Twelve people were shot.

Recently, Jacksonville, Florida had a gaming event for Madden NFL Championship series at Jacksonville Landing.  On the gaming platform “Twitch” which broadcasts livestreams of gaming, gunfire was heard around 1:30 p.m. causing many to disconnect from the stream who were participating. At most twelve gunshots were heard in the video.

According to a witness, the shooter lost a game and went crazy and started shooting.

Police say that this is a criminal act, not an act of terrorism.

Twelve people were injured: nine with gunshots wounds, and three were killed.

The shooter killed himself. He allegedly  had a history of mental illness.

Many people hid in locked areas near the shopping area.

People everyone are mourning for the lives lost.