CHS Works to Stop Bullying

All students and faculty are asked to wear blue on Mon., Oct. 1, to bring awareness to bullying.

Pittsylvania County Schools are promoting a program called the No Bullying Program to help prevent bullying.

Chatham High School assistant principal, Mrs. Angie Andrepont, has planned numerous events to promote awareness of bullying for the month of October.

Oct. 1 is  Blue Up Day. Blue Up Day is a day dedicated to encouraging students to stand strong against bullying. She requests that all students and faculty wear the color blue that day to show support for no bullying. She will also have banners and magnets, and she is planning a parent night to talk about bullying and cyber-bullying. Mrs. Andrepont is also planning a Random Acts of Kindness day.

“I think these activities will help; the more you promote it the more the word will get out,” said Mrs. Andrepont. “Teachers can help by being supportive,” said Mrs. Andrepont.

Bullying-unwanted aggressive behavior.

For years people said have said that bullying was simple a part of growing up.

And they still haven’t found a way to prevent it.

“According to, a federal government website, 28% of students through grades 6-12 have experienced bullying and 20% of students 9-12 have experienced bullying.”

Thirty percent of students have admitted to bullying, and  70.4% of school staff have witnessed it. Cyberbullying is also a rising form of bullying. For students in grades 6-12, 9% have been cyberbullied, 15% for high school students, and 55.2% percent for the LGBTQ community.”