Weight Room Renovation

Chatham High School football teams have a new team room.

Over the summer at CHS, the old weight room was converted to a fresh, new space for the football athletes.

The teammates’ supplies are held in grey cubbies. The athletes’ names and helmets identify the cubby owner.

The players are very satisfied with the renovation. Some players referred to their previous team room as a dungeon.

The players are very appreciative of these improvements provided by their coaches and school.¬†Trevor Crowder, senior, said, “It is definitely an improvement from the last weight room; we have a lot more machines and space.”

Senior, Jaquan Walker stated, “We have a air conditioner in there now, thankfully, and it’s a very suitable place for us football players to workout.”

“The weight room and team room bring the players together as a team. It helps build relationships with the team and coaches, body strength for games, and gives you the push you need for game days,” he said.

Players wearing their jerseys on game day; they provide school spirit. Left to right: Ethan Reynolds, Bradley Giles, Josiah Hanks, Clayton Deak, Peyton McCoy, Jacob Pickeral, Austin Deak.
Senior CJ Myers said, “I love how there is more color, and we have a new training room.” He said, ” We’re not playing just to play, we play with emotion.”