Hello, Freshmen Year

September 21, 2018

Jenny Keatts is enjoying a high grade in her freshman science class
Left to right, Rebecca Burgess, Zoie Tahseen, and Hali Cardwell have fun in gym class together.
Left to right, Ameia Harris, Ally Taylor, Nysheia Miller, and Heaven Robertson are happy making the transition from middle school to high school.

The transition from middle school to high school is exciting but can be challenging for freshmen.

The first six weeks have passed. Many ninth graders say they adapted easily to high school. “I learned that you always have to get to class on time,” said Nysheia Miller.

Most students discovered that high school is most rigorous than middle school. “I learned that you need to put more effort in any work in all classes,” Hali Cardwell.

“And never slack off of your homework,” said Ameia Harris.

High school is exciting said most. Lots of good and not so good things happened to them so far. “The worst thing was the dress [code] violation I got, but the best thing is the fewer classes we have,” Rebecca Burgess. At the middle school, students have eight classes per school day. High schoolers take four classes a day; each are 90 minutes long.

“I got yelled at by all my teachers on the first day. That was the worst! But the best thing that happened to me was that I passed my Spanish test even though I was struggling,” Bretley Quintero.

Students have enjoyed meeting different people. “The best thing that has happened to me was that I made new friends, and that I’m staying out of trouble. The worst thing was that one class is messing me up from straight A’s this year,” said Chancity Wilson.

“I [accidentally] smacked one of my friends with a basketball; that was the worst thing that I ever did. The best thing to me is that I’ve got an A in my science class right now,” Ginny Keatts.

The freshmen are looking forward to their futures and successes. They are focusing on goals that they want to accomplish. “I’m really excited for the pep rally this year, but, right now, while I’m a freshman, I just want to get all my grades up,” said Heaven Robertson.

“I’m ready to graduate high school and go to college, but, until then, I want to try to make sure all my grades are all A‘s or B‘s,” said Taylynn Fitzgerald.

Amajae Thompson agreed. “I’m looking forward to graduating in 2022. My main goal is to just pass ninth grade and pass all my other grades in the future before graduation,” he said.

Brentley Quintero is enjoying his freshman year.

“Being a senior is what I want for me right know, but I just want to  make sure I get good grades so I can make it to senior year,” Aly Taylor.


Left to right, Taylynn Fitzgerald, Chancity Wilson, and Amajae Thompson want to keep their grades up so that they can graduate in 2022.









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