Dr. Sherman’s Business Classes

Dr. Willie Sherman has been teaching business law, business and management, and economics and personal finance at Chatham High since 2012.

“Dr. Sherman is a relaxed and funny teacher,” said Brianne Conner. “I have him for economics.”

Sherman gets up every school morning by 5:00 to get a workout in; he tries to make it to school by 7:15 AM from Greensboro, NC. He is also a business consultant outside of school. Dr.Sherman said sincerely, “Oh, I love driving all the way from Greensboro to teach my lovely classes.”

He loves teaching his students, and his students enjoy his knowledge. “I have learned a lot from his expertise. I have him for business law, and it helps me understand our government better which also helps me in my government class.”

He said, “The students definitely are interested in the classes, especially business law because of current events that are going on in politics.”

Although he currently teaches these three classes, he also loves teaching accounting and is looking forward to teaching introduction to computer programming second semester. The classes he teaches now come with many benefits.  Students can learn about starting their own business and may also learn about businesses for whom they may eventually work. Business law helps them understand more of the legal system and provides a good foundation for a possible criminal justice field job. Economics and personal finance are important because students need it to graduate, but it provides critical information about how to manage your personal money.

Dr. Sherman said, “They’re absolutely helpful and important because these classes help with learning very practical, everyday living.”

Dr. Sherman’s classes are fun and provide students with a great opportunity to get started with fiscal responsibility and possibility designing a dream business.sq