Global Hunger Is Increasing Due To Extreme Weather

Global hunger is rising, again.

According to some scientists, extreme weather is responsible for destroying food sources people rely on.

“Nearly 66 million people worldwide required urgent humanitarian assistance last year,” according to

According to, one in nine people around the world are malnourished.

“The United Nations had a goal to end world hunger by 2030, but we now face a big challenge due to the current global weather. Floods and droughts are the key factor in malnutrition in 2017.

“The increase in greenhouse gases is harming major crops like corn, rice, and wheat and is only supposed to get worse as the temperature keeps increasing. South America and Africa are the continents with that carry the highest numbers for hunger. Asia is still working to fight malnutrition.

“41.2 million Americans are food insecure, meaning they are often forced to skip meals, eat less at meals, buy cheap non-nutritious food, and/or feed their children but not themselves,” according to “NASA is helping the humanitarian community by locating the planet´s hunger hot-spots and preparing against natural disasters.”