Raising Quail

Twenty quail were recently born at CHS.

Mrs. Victoria Gregory, Ag teacher, has cared for them for about two months.

As a adult, quail usually grow to about 3.4 oz. and are six inches in length. They have dark brown, black, and light brown feathers.

“I’ve been raising the birds for some weeks now; today is their last day here at the school. They will go to my farm to be cared for in a flying cage,” said Mrs. Gregory.

The birds are in a brooder cage with a light to keep them warm while at school. They eat a food mix of 28% protein; they drink water, sleep, and run around. “When the birds are at the farm in the flying cage, they will be raised to 16 weeks. We will set them free to be around the farm, and then into the wild,” she said.

Twenty quail eggs were successfully hatched in the Ag Department. The quail have been cared for and will soon be released onto Mrs. Gregory’s farm in Java.

“We had a grant to raise them and restock the population,” said Mrs.Gregory. “In the spring, we will raise baby chicks here at school.”

The baby quail have thrived on a high protein feed.

“Here at school, we will be raising baby chicks in the spring.”