Prepare for SOLs

The juniors have Writing SOLs set for  Oct. 16-17.

The multiple choice test is Tuesday followed by the writing test on Wednesday.

Students are advised to get a good night’s sleep so that they will be well-rested and energetic.

Students should also eat breakfast.

A breakfast high in protein and some carbs will help students stay focused throughout the day. , eating breakfast also helps control appetite and keep kids focused throughout the day. According to, some good foods to eat before a test are eggs, nuts, apples, yogurt, blueberries, and eggs. A little know fact is that apples may reduce anxiety. A study showed that students who ate an apple before a test showed as much as a seven point increase in test scores.

Tips for testing:

  • Read the entire question,
  • Read all the answer choices,
  • Try every answer,
  • Use the process of elimination to quickly eliminate two answers,
  • Check your work,
  • Take your time!

“Take your time, and review your SAT words. Get enough sleep and eat a good breakfast. I usually eat a bacon, egg, and cheese McGriddle from McDonald’s,” said Lizzy Shumate, senior. “I was confident when I went in to take the tests, but I was glad that I felt well-rested and not hungry.”

“Before I take an SOL, I eat chocolate; it’s been proven to improve thinking,” said Shelayne Riddle. Shelayne likes milk chocolate, but most studies recommend dark chocolate before a test. “Also, if you chew the same flavored gum in class while you’re learning, it will help you remember as you chew it as you’re taking the test. Usually, the night before, I review my notes, and if I’m unsure of something, I make sure to study it. Do not stay up late studying; study well in advance. Avoid stress. I review my SOL prompts and think of what I might say about each.”

“I agree with Shelayne’s comments, but I also usually go through Hardee’s drive-thru and get a chicken biscuit or bacon and egg biscuit for breakfast; there are lots of fats and proteins to stick with me all morning. I write my notes down over and over to review. I also review the SOL prompts and review what points I want to make. I review my comma rules,” Haley Whitlow.