Mrs. Holmes Joins CHS Faculty

Mrs. Barbara Holmes is our new Family and Consumer Science teacher this year.

Mrs. Holmes said, ¨This is my 27th year teaching, and I have enjoyed every year.¨

“This first semester I am teaching independent living to all my students; next semester I will add life planning.”

The process of moving from the middle school was not a easy process.

Mrs. Holmes explained, ¨There were a lot of things to transfer, and I had to adjust mentally to teaching older students after decades of teaching younger ones.¨

¨Going from teaching for 45 minutes at the middle school to teaching 90 minutes at the high school is the main difference I’ve noticed so far,¨ Mrs. Holmes said. ¨A minor difference is how I have students from all grade levels in one class at the high school.

¨When teaching at the middle school, I loved introducing the students to new topics because they do not have any classes like this at the elementary school level. Now at the high school, I can teach the classes more in depth,” she said.

“The classes that I teach are directly related to everyday living. All my students are consumers, and they are learning about families, food, money, and homes; all of which are a big help with daily living,” she said.

Many CHS students take at least a FACS class.

Mrs. Holmes said, ¨As in anything, I think some of the students enjoy my classes. I know all of them enjoy when we get into the kitchen, because they all love food.¨

Mrs. Holmes is married to JA Holmes, a businessman in Chatham. She has two grown sons, both graduates of CHS.

Welcome to CHS, Mrs. Holmes!