Ms. Davis’ Retirement

Chatham High School librarian, Jo Davis, is looking forward to her retirement at the end of this school year.

Ms. Davis has been CHS librarian for nine years.

Before coming to Chatham High, she worked as a librarian at Mt. Airy in North Carolina for six years, Faith Christian Academy in Hurt for two years, Fallon Park Elementary in Roanoke for five years and Bible College in France for two years. She was also a science teacher at Cincinnati Christian High school in Ohio for five years.

She went to college at Idaho State University for Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Miami University in Ohio for Master of Education in Educational Media.

She was awarded ¨Librarian of the Year¨ for Roanoke Region of the Va Association of school library in 2012-2013.

¨After retirement, I don´t know what I am going to do next; but I know there is so much for me,¨ said Ms. Davis. ¨I can maybe volunteer in libraries or read to the kids. I might be a substitute for the middle school or other school.¨

She will miss her students she has taught over the years in Chatham. Two of her friends, Kathy Lehman and Lori Donovan, inspired her to become a librarian. They showed her some of the joys and life lessons of being a librarian. She recently want to thank Kathy and Lori for inspiring her.

Students are really going to miss the bonding and memories they have shared with Ms. Davis.

“I am going to miss her class and all the laughs we shared since I was in ninth grade. The library was my favorite and so is Ms. Davis,” said Sallie Chaney, senior.

“She is by far my favorite person. She willing to help a lot in class, and she is very welcoming to everyone who is nice to her. She is the best teacher and will always be there for anyone,” Katelyn Dowell, senior.

“The funniest stories and her personality is what I love the most about her the most. I am gonna miss her and am so glad to spend my last year in her class,” Emerson Scollo, senior.

“I’m gonna miss all the loud and fun conversation we all have in class.  I’m going to miss her dearly,” said Sarah Snead, senior.