The Behavior Management Center (BMC) and In School Suspension (ISS) are for students who behave inappropriately at school and need discipline to reinforce correct behavior.

Mr. Seth Gunter, ISS teacher, said, “We average two or three students each day for BMC. It varies as some days we have none and others between five and seven students. The beginning of the year, ISS is usually three to five students, but as the semester goes along it is a consistent seven or more due to tardies and excessive BMCs. Most students receive three days for most offences but can be anywhere from one to six days.”

Mr. Gunter thinks his job is never dull, but it’s not easy.

“Normally, it is very busy. Between the constant rotation of BMC students, work being brought for ISS students throughout the day, preparing for incoming ISS students as well as handling students referrals just keeps the day busy,” he said.

Mr. Gunter worked at Chatham Middle School as an ISS teacher for three years before transitioning to the high school.

“By high school, most students have matured, and the overall students population stays out of my room,” he says. “Having a smaller room allows for a more controlled environment as well.”

“Most receive BMC for refusing to do work or talking/disrupting class,” he says. “As for ISS, the majority of referrals are due to cell phones and tardies.”