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Senior Spotlight: Lauren King




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After high school,  Lauren King, plans on going to Danville Community College for two years then later transferring to a four year college.

She grew up in Chatham and has attended Chatham schools since elementary school.

She said, ” My high school days were okay, and my grades are better than what they were before. I didn’t cause any trouble for my teachers and didn’t have behavioral problems because I had common sense.”

She enjoys psychology and going to Vo-Tech for the nursing program. “I plan to going into the nursing field when I go to a four year college. After high school, I plan on working as a CNA at a nursing home,” she said. Lauren said, “The number one thing I will miss from high school is my friends.”

“My advice for other students is to have common sense,” she said.

Her goal was the typical goal of a high school student: Lauren said, “Since high school is pretty stressful, my goal is to graduate.”



Jalaysia Winslow, Feature Editor

Jalaysia is a senior at Chatham. She cheers for the basketball team and enjoys spending time with herself. After high school she plans on going to VCU...

Senior Spotlight: Lauren King