Student Tutoring Program

Chatham High School has a new tutoring program.

“Student Tutoring Program” is a program for any students who want to help other students who are struggling in some classes.

Sarah Snead, senior, came up with the idea of this tutoring program with the help of Mr. Randy Foster, principal; Mrs. Lauren Horne, guidance; Mrs. Angie Cestaro, math;  and Ms. Jo Davis, librarian.

“Because of the difficult classes, some of the students don’t even understand the teacher or the lesson they are learning,” Sarah said. “I thought if the  students who understand the class, in their own way they could help other students who really don’t understand the teacher.”

Katelyn Dowell, senior, tutors students who are having a hard time in math. She loves math and wants to help with other students with math like she did for Mrs. Cestaro in Algebra II sophomore year and Algebra Trig junior year.

“I was always been told that I could be a teacher,” she says. ” I do want to help with students with any classes they are having trouble with like I did in Mrs. Cestaro’s class.”

Lydia Popoca is a junior at Chatham High. Before coming to CHS, she was a student at Dry Fork Christian Private School. She was having a difficult time learning in school and with the fact that they didn’t have after-school tutoring either.

“I think Chatham High is helping a little bit better than my old school,” she said. “I’m taking Algebra I with Mrs. Dallas and math is my weakness, but the tutoring program is helping me a little bit with understanding the problems and learning how to solve better. I do like the program because of the people, and they are so kind to me. They help me much better than my old school did.”