Senior Spotlight: David Bowling

Senior, David Rafter, went to Tunstall schools before coming to Chatham for high school.

“I enjoyed my days at Tunstall but the switch to Chatham brought friends my way,” he said.

David wants to jump right into work when he is finished with high school.

He said, “There are plenty of jobs that I can work with just my high school education.” He doesn’t have a specific job in mind yet, but he  doesn’t feel like college is right for him right now.

He played sports while at Tunstall but never tried out for any when he got to Chatham.

David said, “I played football in sixth and seventh grades, and baseball in eighth grade. I never tried out here because I lost interest, but I enjoy watching it on TV.”

“My favorite thing in high school was the pep rally, and I sometimes enjoyed watching the football games,” he said. “My high school days flew by, and I regret not making more out of it. I’ll still miss high school and my friends who I may not see in the future.”