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Cavalier Athletics Week 1 Summary


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Last week our Lady Cavaliers started off this semester’s season with a bang.

There were three girls varsity basketball games, resulting in two wins and one loss. The Lady Cavs played Patrick County at our very own Chatham High School Jan. 7. They lost 52-73.

The Lady Cavaliers blew Tunstall out of the water Jan. 10 in their own territory with a 74-36 win. The stars of the game include: Quandra Tunstall who made a grand total of 21 points and eight rebounds. Kanani Jones scored 20 points and seven steals. Keslee Hylton made 12 points and seven rebounds. Nysheia Miller scored 10 points and seven rebounds.

We played Altavista Jan. 11. Nysheia scored 25 points and five rebounds. Charity Wilson made 15 points, seven steals, and seven rebounds. Our Lady Cavaliers had 6-5 wins over the week.

Boys varsity basketball played on those same dates. The boys played at Patrick County and won 62-34. They played Tunstall in a home game. They lost 44-33. They played Stuarts Draft and lost 88-34.

The Cavaliers wrestling team went to Averett Jan. 11 to compete in a 12 team tournament. It was senior night and the following seniors were honored:  Taylor Moore, Kamden Lewis, Trevor Crowder, and Corey Reynolds.

Sarah Hailey, Co-Sports Editor

Sarah is a sophomore at CHS. She loves to play volleyball and dance during her free time. After high school, she wants to go to DCC then transfer to Virginia Tech to become a pediatric psychologist. She is Co-Sports Editor.

Arianna Petty, Co-Sports Editor

Arianna is a sophomore at CHS. She loves spending her time after school playing basketball. After high school, she plans on going to Virginia Tech to be an architect.

Cavalier Athletics Week 1 Summary