ACE Team First in District; second in Regionals

After a great season, Chatham High School’s ACE Team lost the Super Regionals to Radford and Buckingham County.

CHS won our district and placed second in the Regional competition.

Originally, Radford and Buckingham County tied for first, but when they competed Radford won.

Unfortunately, Chatham will not be competing for the state championship.

Previously, CHS won the District championship with double elimination. They competed in that contest against Gretna, Appomattox, Galileo, Dan River, Altavista, and William Campbell at Galileo.  Nelson County could not compete because of inclement weather.

“We competed for Sub-Regionals against Gretna, Appomattox, Dan River, Buckingham County, and Nelson County at Appomattox. Chatham came in second to Buckingham with a total of 795 points, and Buckingham scored a total of 875 points. Nelson did not come to Sub-Regionals due to not having enough people to compete,” said Mr. Brian Harrold, faculty advisor to the team.

“District was one of the most stressful days of my life. Regionals was not as bad, but I was surprised by Buckingham’s abilities,” said Jacob Barker, senior, ACE team member. “The only real way to prepare for a competition you don’t know the questions to is to practice. You can’t really study for it,” said Barker.

Members of the team are  Benjamin Boles, sophomore; Betsabe Galindo, junior; Caden Spaulding, senior; Ethan Stewart, captain and senior; Jacob Barker, senior; Jacob Tosh, senior; Katelyn Dowell, captain and senior; and Samuel Hedrick, senior.

“Underclassmen should definitely join the ACE Team next year,” said Jacob Barker.